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‘World’s Cheapest House’ Selling For Less Than €1

World's Cheapest House €1


A US house has recently been listed for sale for less than €1 (or 78p).



The two-bedroom bungalow in Michigan could actually be the ‘world’s cheapest house and has already attracted a lot of interest online.


The property needs a lot of fixing as it was built in 1956 and belonged to its current owner for almost 20 years.


Michigan property dubbed 'world's cheapest home' as its listed for just one  dollar

However, it’s still considered a massive bargain and could be an investment for one lucky buyer.


“I’ve had a lot of people who are just thinking that they’re actually going to buy it for a dollar. And then any investor obviously realises that the whole idea is that we take offers on it and we go with the highest offer.”