Betty White’s House Currently On Sale For Over $10.5 Million

The home of Betty White is currently in the market, selling for over $10.5 million. The late Hollywood star’s five-bedroom is officially on sale for the first time in more than half a century, month after her passing. Betty White passed away on December 31st, 2021. She was mostly known for her roles is “The […]

Beckham’s House Robbed While Family Was Home

  Victoria and David Beckham’s London mansion was broken into whilst they were at home with their 10-year-old daughter, Harper.     The couple allegedly had no idea the robber had got into their house, and they stated the robbers entered through an upstairs window.   Cruz Beckham, the Beckhams’ son, allegedly saw a break-in […]

Friends Themed House On Sale For €300k

  For all those Friends fans out there, a fully Friends-themed house has gone up for sale in Texas for €300k.         The house features iconic moments and sets replicated from the Friends series!     For example, the sitting room is laid out to look just the like the inside of […]

Woman Decorates House In Everything-Yellow

  Fitri Rahmawati’s favourite colour is yellow. But that’s a bit of an understatement.     She loves and is obsessed with the colour yellow but, who can blame her? The colour just radiates happiness and positivity and Fitri made sure that wherever she goes, she takes a bit of yellow with her!   The […]

WATCH: 30-Year-Old Woman Trades A Hairpin For A House

  A 30-year-old woman managed to trade a hairpin for a house through a series of shrewd swaps!   Over a year ago, a woman from San Francisco called Demi Skipper was bored during lockdown and decided to get creative and make the most out of her time. After watching a TED Talk in which […]

Sicilian town sells homes for €1 – but there’s a catch

Buying your first home in Malta isn’t cheap. Property values have soared in recent years – with Maltese house price rises now the second highest in EU. So if you’re struggling to get on to the property ladder, how about considering a home across the sea in Sicily? The Italian town of Sambuca is offering […]

Malta’s booming housing market ‘leads the world’

House prices in Malta soared by a massive 17 per cent over the last 12 months, according to new figures. The good news for home owners came from property giants Knight Frank, which said prices had jumped by nine per cent in the past few months alone. It said Malta had pulled ahead of pricey […]