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Saddest House Ever On Sale For £6.5M After Years Of Bad Luck

  What’s now called the ‘saddest house ever’ has recently been listed for sale for £6,500,000.     The property, located by the coast of Devon, UK is actually split in two and both houses are available for purchase.     With 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 6 reception rooms, a massive swimming pool and a […]

‘World’s Cheapest House’ Selling For Less Than €1

World's Cheapest House €1

  A US house has recently been listed for sale for less than €1 (or 78p).     The two-bedroom bungalow in Michigan could actually be the ‘world’s cheapest house and has already attracted a lot of interest online.   The property needs a lot of fixing as it was built in 1956 and belonged […]

This Is Officially Called The ‘World’s Loneliest House’

World Loneliest House

  Would you live in this house?     This house is on the island of Elliðaey to the south of the Icelandic mainland, and since the original photographs went viral, a lot of weird rumours have been made about it.   The cabin was constructed in 1953 as a lodge by a group of […]

Friends-Themed House Up For Sale For €310k

Friends Themed House Sale

  We all know someone that’s THIS obsessed with Friends!     Let’s admit that we’ve all lusted after Monica and Rachel’s apartment from Friends.     If you’re that obsessed, check out this two-bedroom house up for sale for €310k. The property features a Central-Perk themed living room, a mural of the fountain from […]