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Woman Late For Work As 600Kg Seal Blocks Car


Neil the Seal has caused a disturbance🦭



A woman from southern Tasmania woke up to a 600-kilogram seal in her front yard.

The seal, affectionately called  Neil the Seal by locals, has gained quite a following online in recent years. Neil is notorious for making appearances on Hobart beaches, soaking up the sun in the middle of the roads.

Despite his usual antics, Amber Harris, a resident of southern beaches, never anticipated finding Neil in her yard. “He’s outside taking a little nap,” she shared with ABC Radio Hobart. “He has roamed around; he’s been on my front deck, laid his sizable head on my hammock, and now he’s blocking my car.”

When she spotted the seal in her yard, Ms. Harris promptly called her boss to notify them that she would be running late.

According to Ms. Harris, a wildlife expert informed her that there was little chance of enticing Neil away from her car with food. “He probably won’t eat anything because, when he comes up onto land, he’ll be up here for about three to four weeks, and he usually uses that time for hibernation,” she explained.

Despite Neil’s brief stay in her yard, he eventually made his way back to the beach, bringing an end to his impromptu visit.