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Watching TV Makes People Happier & Lowers Anxiety


Time to binge watch all your favourite shows📺



Radio Times has just published the findings from its Screen Test project, conducted in collaboration with the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton. This ground-breaking research set out to delve into the influence of television and radio in our daily lives.


With a remarkable 21,000 participants engaged in the survey, spanning from May to July this year, the results have led to an interesting discovery – watching TV has the capacity to make people happier.


The survey findings indicated that individuals aged 18 to 54 reported a more substantial boost in happiness, a remarkable 13% increase, compared to their counterparts aged 55 and above, who saw a modest 3% increase.


Respondents to the survey also said that TV fosters a positive emotional connection, with a 10% increase in excitement as opposed to boredom, and a 5% rise in happiness in contrast to sadness. But the revelations don’t end there; watching television is believed to reduce anxiety by 6% when compared to feeling relaxed, all based on the content of the last TV program they watched.


Viewers who watched comedy programs led to a remarkable 22% surge in happiness, closely followed by music programs with a 17% increase. Arts-related content also contributed to a 13% boost in happiness, while entertainment programs were responsible for a notable 12% increase in viewer happiness.