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Watching TV Makes People Happier & Lowers Anxiety

  Time to binge watch all your favourite shows📺     Radio Times has just published the findings from its Screen Test project, conducted in collaboration with the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton. This ground-breaking research set out to delve into the influence of television and radio in our daily lives.   […]

7 Italian T.V. Cartoons From Our Childhood

Italian TV Cartoons Childhood

These cartoon shows were our childhood!     Check out 7 italian cartoon shows you surely watched growing up   Heidi     Dragon Ball     Sailor Moon     Ninja Turtles     Holly e Benji     Lupin     Winx   Which cartoon was your favourite?  

WATCH: 7 Italian T.V. Adverts You Probably Forgot About

Italian TV Adverts

  If you’ve ever watched Italian television – which we’re guessing you probably have – you may have come across one or more of these iconic adverts!     Safe to say that Italian T.V. wouldn’t have been the same without these ads.   Check out our favourite 7 here:   The Levissima water advert […]

WATCH: 8 Iconic Maltese TV Show Theme Songs

Iconic Maltese TV Theme Songs

  If you miss these Maltese TV shows as much as we do, we’ll help you remember them with their iconic theme songs!     Check out these theme songs from our 8 favourite local TV shows:                   Do you remember any of these shows?