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Wardens To Use Speed Guns To Improve Road Safety

Revving up safety in our streets..

In a continued effort to enhance road safety, traffic wardens and transportation authorities will begin employing speed guns. This initiative is anticipated to significantly contribute to the count of over 6,000 motorists apprehended for speeding by the police within the last year through the use of speed guns.

Speeding, in conjunction with drivers using mobile phones, already ranks as the most prevalent traffic violation, as highlighted by law enforcement. These behaviors are also regarded as the most perilous.

Monetary penalties for speeding range from €35 to €70, contingent on the extent by which the vehicle exceeded the speed limit.

Cutting-edge, portable speed-monitoring technology, formerly the exclusive purview of the police, will soon be entrusted to officers from the Local Enforcement System Agency (LESA) and Transport Malta. These speed guns will continue to be deployed on a random basis across various roadways, particularly in areas where drivers tend to surpass speed limits.