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Vet Reveals Best Dog Breeds To Own


Ben the Vet shared his opinions on some of the most popular breeds, stating that some are best suited for owners.




Greyhounds are fifth on his list of canines he would welcome into his home with open arms because they are “really gentle dogs and so many of them need homes when their racing careers end.”




The Border Terrier is fourth on Ben’s list since they are “affectionate little dogs.”






His third choice was a Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla. He said there aren’t many of them around, but they have a “really lovely temperament.”





Labradors, as expected, occupied a space on his list. “Number two for me is the labrador. I just think they’re amazing family dogs – they’re gentle, affectionate, loyal and funny,” he continued.




Coming in at first place is the mongrel – also known as mixed breeds or crossbreeds.






Do you agree with his list?