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Tenishia Thornton Wins Gold In Lifting Competition

The remarkable and talented young athlete, Tenishia Thornton from Malta, is setting the sports world ablaze with her recent triumph at the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships held in New Delhi, India. Her outstanding performance earned her the prestigious gold medal for Malta.



In an impressive display of strength and skill, Tenishia outperformed her closest competitor from India by an astounding margin of 19kg. Not only did she secure the gold in the Junior 59kg category, but she also brought home the silver medal in the highly competitive seniors category.


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The seniors category presented Tenishia with formidable opponents from countries like England, Australia, Canada, and more. Despite the fierce competition, the gifted athlete managed to claim the silver medal with a remarkable lift of 186kg, surpassing South Africa who settled for the third position.



Tenishia’s achievement is nothing short of extraordinary, considering she was concurrently pursuing her studies and successfully completing her A-level examinations while dedicating herself to rigorous training for this momentous competition. Her unwavering dedication and exceptional talent have truly propelled her to an impressive and awe-inspiring feat.