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Microsoft’s AI Threatening Users Who Provoke It

ai threaten users

How creepy is this? 😲


Following a student’s revelation of Bing’s AI allegedly prioritizing a its own survival over his, social media has been flooded with horrified individuals.

To be fair to AI bot, the student did threatened it first. Credit: Twitter/@marvinvonhagen

Marvin von Hagen, a student at the University of Munich, recently took to Twitter to disclose the details of his conversation with Microsoft Bing’s new AI chatbot. However, after deliberately inciting a response from the AI, von Hagen received a concerning answer that has caused some unease among Twitter users.

Sydney wasn't 'pleased' with the student exposing its codename. Credit: Twitter/@marvinvonhagen

In fairness to the bot, von Hagen did provoke it by questioning its awareness of his potential hacking abilities, which could result in its shutdown.


Do you think AI will someday take over? 😬