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Lizzo Designs Cheeky Butt Tattoo For Fan Mid-Concert

Lizzo definitely left her mark on this fan



During a recent concert, Lizzo paused her performance to assist a fan in designing a buttock tattoo, in response to a request made by an individual in the front row.


At a show held in Lexington, Kentucky last week (April 22), Lizzo temporarily stopped her set to acknowledge a sign held by a fan that read, “Lizzo, draw my next tattoo.” The fan went on to express that she believed the most fitting location for a Lizzo-themed tattoo would be on her buttocks.


In response, the popular artist enthusiastically agreed, prompting an ecstatic reaction from the audience. She declared, “I will imprint my lips on this paper so that you can have them on your posterior. Then, if anyone ever tries to criticize you, you can confidently tell them that Lizzo commands them to kiss my powerful behind!”


Following her statement, Lizzo proceeded to apply more lipstick on stage and then planted a kiss on the fan’s sign.