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STUDY FINDS: Less Maltese Couples Are Deciding To Get Married

In the enchanting islands of Malta and Gozo, the romance of tying the knot saw a subtle shift, with the total number of nuptials dipping to 2,239 in the past year, down from 2,527 back in 2010. It seems that traditional church weddings felt the biggest pinch, witnessing the most notable drop.     Diving […]

Study Finds Playing With Dogs Helps You Relax And Focus

Who knew that chilling with dogs could be a brain booster?🐶✨   Turns out, playing with pups or watching their cute antics online isn’t just fun—it’s actually good for your brain!     A recent study says these furry interactions can amp up your brain’s chill vibes. Science backs up the feel-good perks of hanging […]

STUDY FINDS: Mario Kart Is the Most Stressful Game To Play

Do you agree? 👀   The research involved skilled gamers in the task of determining the most exhilarating video games. Games such as Skyrim and Call of Duty were subjected to analysis 🎮⁠   ⁠ The results revealed that during a 30-minute session, “Mario Kart” led to a remarkable 32.81% elevation in heart rate, which […]

Study Finds Shouting At Children Is As Harmful As Physical Abuse

Getting shouted at as a child may have done more harm than you thought 😳   A recent study, published in the journal Child Abuse & Neglect after reviewing 166 earlier studies, reveals that shouting at children can be as detrimental as sexual and physical abuse. The research, offering an in-depth analysis, suggests that this […]

STUDY FINDS: The Top 5 Songs to Listen To While Working Out

Groove your way to the gym after this 😅   A recent research study unearthed the potent ability of music to elicit diverse emotional reactions in its listeners, ranging from elation and triumph to a spectrum of feelings like boldness, unease, sensuality, and even irritation. These findings hold significant promise, enabling therapists to meticulously curate […]

Malta Ranks Outside Top 50 In Global IQ Rating

Malta is ranked 51st globally out of 199 countries on the national IQ scale.     The results show that the average IQ of 535,064 Maltese is around 91.27 following a study from 2019     Japan, Taiwan and Singapore rank at the top with the highest IQs, 106.48, 106.47, 105.89 respectively   The study […]

STUDY FINDS: Money Does Buy Happiness For Most People

money buys happiness

  Do you think this is true? 👀     According to a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on March 1, for most people, money can indeed buy happiness  💸   In 2010, Kahneman and Angus Deaton found that happiness increased steadily with income up to a certain […]