‘Restaurant Bear’ Set Free After 20 Years Of Captivity

Historically “restaurant bears” are bears which were kept in small cages close to restaurants or hotels in order to attract tourists and onlookers.     The last ‘restaurant bear’ in Albania is a brown bear named Mark, who is 24 years old was saved last week, and on Friday he made it to his new […]

WATCH: Volunteers Rescue Dog Who Got Stuck In Cave

Volunteers Rescue Dog Stuck Cave

  Jax the staffy was rescued by volunteers from a cave.     The dog was trapped in a cave in New South Wales called Central Coast cave for two days.   Although his owners thought they would never see him again, a team of volunteers got together to pull him out of the cave. […]

Dog Finds New Family After Owners Die In Mudslides

This dog named; Yuky is the only survivor of his family. He could not find his way back home due to the landslides. Yuky managed to find shelter in a car until rescue teams stumbled onto him and rescued him. He was recovered with great care as naturally due to how hectic the situation was […]

Hedgehog Returns To Wild After 4 Months Recovery

wildlife malta

Well done Malta’s Wildlife Rescue Team! We’re so happy for you little Ceaser.   Wildlife Rescue Team took to Facebook last night to announce the happy news of another amazing transformation of one of their rescued hedgehogs, Ceaser. Ceaser was rescued on 2nd July where he was found in a box on a shop’s doorstep. After […]

Puppy Abandoned In The Woods Waits To Be Found

  Meet Hank. This 8 month old puppy was abandoned by the side of a road and waited for someone to save him.         Hank was found by passers-by sitting in an old dog bed, surrounded by his toys. He had a sealed bag of dog food that he can’t open near […]

Rats Being Trained To Rescue Disaster Survivors

Rats Rescue Disaster Survivors

Scared of rats? We think your opinion will change when you see what these creatures are now up to. Rats are being trained for rescue teams to help find survivors from natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes. Belgium’s APOPO project is equipping rodents with high-tech backpacks to help first responders search for survivors in disaster […]

Ex-Soldier Ivan Gauci Recalls Daring Rescue

Ex-Soldier Ivan Gauci recalls daring rescue at the Riviera cliffs.   He explains how he and his colleagues managed to rescue a man who had fallen down the cliff. People thought the person in question had died but Gauci explained how the person was rescued and survived. 

Maltese Army Helicopter Rescues Man From Għajn Tuffieħa Cliffs 

The rescue operation was called in due to a Dutch man tripping and falling into the rough terrain.   The rough terrain meant a helicopter rescue was required due to the area being inaccessible by conventional means.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by 89.7 Bay (@897bay) In a press […]

10 Puppies Rescued From Vans During Heatwave

puppies rescued

  Up to ten dogs and puppies were found ‘half dead’ being left in vans on the hottest day on record.   On Tuesday, July 19, the dogs were travelling from France to the UK while the UK experienced 40°C weather.     The shipment’s transportation provider apologized for the event and admitted that it […]

WATCH: Lifeguard Saves Man From Drowning

Life Guard Beach

A man was Rescued by a Malta Red Cross lifeguard at Fond Ghadir   The man was swimming despite double red flag warnings.   Therefore the lifeguard on duty had to jump in the water in order to save the individual from drowning.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by […]

Blind Rescue Dog Finds His New Human ‘Guide’

  Meet Tiny Tim, an 11-year-old blind dog who found his very own human to help him navigate around the world!     When his elderly owner realized she couldn’t take care of him anymore, she took the difficult decision to give him to someone who could.     The small Westie had a number […]

Firefighters Rescue Two Dogs From Mtaħleb Cliffs

Civil Protection workers were called on the scene on the night between Sunday and Monday to save two medium-sized dogs who had gotten lost on the cliffs of Mtaħleb.     The firefighters couldn’t find the dogs on the night so the search had to be cancelled.   The owner of the dogs had discovered […]

Woman Saves 41 Puppies From Being Euthanised

  By putting 41 puppies into a special rescue plane, this animal enthusiast spared 41 puppies from being euthanized at an overcrowded shelter.     Lexi Hovarth, a 22-year-old marketing coordinator from Orlando, Florida, is part of a group that travels to Enterprise, Alabama on a weekly basis to help save numerous dogs. These dogs […]

Police Rescue Baby Seal Found In The Streets

Police rescued a baby seal who was found lost in the streets of New York last Sunday. The baby seal was spotted struggling through a traffic circle in Southampton, New York. The Southampton Town Police Department were called to assist the baby harbour seal back into the sea. Residents of the town first spotted the […]

Dog Rescued After 60 Hours Trapped Underground

  What a mischievous little one!     After becoming stuck in a maze of underground tunnels, this brave dog is lucky to be alive. Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Services managed to rescue Winston, the black cocker spaniel, that had been trapped underground.     Rescuers discovered the unfortunate canine had been stuck underground for over […]

WATCH: Kittens In Bin Bag Rescued & Nursed Back To Health

  Refuse collectors discovered a litter of abandoned kittens in a garbage bag and nursed them back to health.   Warning: this video contains graphic depictions of animal torture and death.     The terrible video, shared on TikTok by @les_aventures_de_sauvee, shows garbage loaders ripping open a rubbish bag containing newborn kittens that were discarded […]