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AFM Searching To Rescue 2 Entangled Turtles In Gozo

🚨 Entangled turtles alert 🚨   Yesterday, the Wildlife Rescue Team Malta received a distress call about two turtles entangled near Xwejni beach. Collaborating with the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM), they attempted to locate the turtles, but treacherous sea conditions and darkness hindered their efforts to approach the shoreline safely and find them.   […]

Maltese Firefighters Return Safely From Greek Wildfires

Well done to our Civil Protection Department heroes!   After their mission in Greece, the brave firefighters from Malta, who are part of the Civil Protection Department (CPD), have returned home safely. They were sent to Greece to combat the devastating wildfires that ravaged various locations due to intense heat. Heartwarming pictures have been shared […]

Man Saves An Injured Bird Found On Maltese Coast

Beerdie is safe!🦅     While enjoying a sunny day on his boat, a local man spotted a bird struggling in the water. He jumped in and rescued the bird who he realised had a broken hand.   The bird, which was then named Beerdie, was taken to Bird Life for proper care and treatment! […]

Claudette The Turtle Released At Gozo Bay

A successful rescue!   Nature Trust – FEE Malta recently conducted the release of a loggerhead turtle named Claudette at Ramla l-Hamra Bay in Gozo.   Claudette, who was rescued on February 27, 2023, near Delimara, was found to have been caught as bycatch with a fishing hook and line.   The juvenile turtle was […]

Detention Services Officers Rescue Pregnant Dog

pregnant dog afm

  Yesterday evening, a pregnant Fox Terrier wandered into the Ħal Safi barracks and was taken care of by Detention Services officers 🐕   Animal rights activist Althea Galea arrived on site and immediately called the Animal Welfare Department for medical assistance. Despite the department’s policy of not collecting dogs that are not chipped or […]

Dog Rescued In Gozo After Being Shot 50 Times

dog shot 50 times

Who would do such a thing to a dog? 😥   Last month, the Animal Welfare Section of the Gozo Ministry rescued a male fox terrier. An x-ray later revealed that the dog had more than 50 shotgun pellets embedded in its body.   Although the dog’s age is unknown due to the inability to […]