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Claudette The Turtle Released At Gozo Bay

A successful rescue!


Nature Trust – FEE Malta recently conducted the release of a loggerhead turtle named Claudette at Ramla l-Hamra Bay in Gozo.


Claudette, who was rescued on February 27, 2023, near Delimara, was found to have been caught as bycatch with a fishing hook and line.


The juvenile turtle was set free during a Blue Flag event on Monday, coinciding with an award ceremony for students involved in the ICC awareness project on marine litter. In another uplifting development, a 15-year-old turtle, which had been struggling to survive after ingesting plastic litter, was successfully released back into the wild by the Wildlife Rehab Centre Project after undergoing a six-month recovery.


Cheetah, another turtle, became the first to be released this summer after a successful rescue and rehabilitation process. Five more turtles are anticipated to be released later this year. In the previous year, a total of eight turtles were successfully rehabilitated and returned to their natural habitats.