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7 Celebrities With Their Adorable Pets

World Pets Day celebrates our furry friends and the bonds we share! 🐈🐕   From Hollywood stars to music icons, here are some of our favorite celebrities and their beloved pets.❤️🐾                

Gen Z Are Happier Seeing Their Pets Than Partners

Gen Z must really love their pets! A recent survey of 2,000 pet owners, distributed evenly by generation, has revealed that Gen Z is more inclined than any other age group to allocate their saved money to their pets instead of spending it on vacations.   Out of those surveyed, only 15% of Gen Z […]

The Trendiest Dog Names For 2022

The trendiest dog names for 2022 have been revealed, with a human name being at the top of the list! Has YOUR dog’s name made it to the top 10? Take a look at the list below: Top 10 trendiest dog names for 2022: Mike Preston Smokey Mabli Katy Portia Tsuki Bree Betsi Ferris

Almost Half Of Pet Owners Unaware Of Dog Sunburn

While you’re putting sunscreen on you own skin, your pet could use some too!     In a study of almost 2,000 dog owners, it was revealed that 46% were unaware that their furry friend requires sun protection. Another 55% were not aware that a dog’s skin may be just as badly damaged by a […]

Landlords Will Be Forced To Let Tenants Have Pets

Tenants pets

  Landlords will soon be legally forced to let tenants keep pets in their rented homes.   According to the new Renters Reform Bill, landlords will have to start considering requests from tenants to allow pets. Pets were usually banned from rented properties due to higher maintenance costs.     Due to this, pet owners […]

Study Finds That 7 In 10 People Consider Their Dog To Be Their Best Friend

  A survey conducted across 2,000 dog owners revealed that 7 in 10 people considered their dog their best friend!           OnePoll carried out the survey, and also concluded: Three-quarters considered their dog as a family member Two-thirds admitted they would spare no expense for their pet 80% believed in regularly […]

The Eden Cinemas Is Launching Dog-Friendly Screenings

    You can bring your dogs to @eden_cinemas this Saturday! 🐶   The Eden Cinemas is launching dog-friendly cinema screenings – starting this Saturday at 11am with a screening of the movie DOG.   Starring Channing Tatum, the film is about an adorable friendship between man and man’s best friend. Two former Army Rangers […]

Chihuahua Adopted From Shelter After Going Through 17 Rounds Of Chemotherapy

  A three-year-old Chihuahua, Eric, arrived at the San Diego Humane Society last July covered in ticks. Eventually, he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour.     The Chihuahua had to undergo 17 rounds of weekly chemotherapy and four months of veterinary care before he was deemed cancer-free. Shortly after being declared ready for a […]

Woman Creates Chair Allowing Pets To Spend More Time With Owners While They Work

  The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed many people to work from home, meaning more time to spend with their pets.! Although it’s comforting to know that you can go for a snuggle with your furry friend at any time you want, concentrating and actually getting work done can become a struggle…     That’s where Simone […]

Gozo Opens Its First-Ever Dog Park In Qala

  The first Qala Dog Park has been inaugurated in Gozo earlier today, with a value of roughly €25,000, as funded by the Ministry for Gozo.     Through the Eco-Gozo Directorate under which the Animal Protection section falls, the Ministry has developed part of the Family Garden into a dog park. The park is […]

Streaming Service Designed For Dogs Set To Launch

  Dogs give us endless comfort, love and entertainment – so it’s high time for us to do the same!     Say hello to DOGTV, a streaming service designed especially for our furry friends as a means of keeping them company and reducing separation anxiety while their owners are gone.     DOGTV will […]

Here’s Why Your Dog Tilts Their Head When You Talk To Them

  Don’t you just love science? We get to learn more and more about our fur babies and how they communicate – and this study is bringing something new…     Turns out, if your dog tilts their head when you talk, it might be more than just a cute gesture – they might be […]

Malta Ranks 29th Out Of 65 For Animal Rights In New Index

  In a new ‘Animal Rights Index’ – which identifies which countries are the best and worst for animal rights in 2021 – Malta ranked 29th out of 65 countries.     In the process of selection, researcher and co-founder of, Matthew H. Nash, from San Francisco utilised nine key factors, such as recognition […]

Maltese warned against buying pets as Christmas presents

People in Malta and Gozo have been warned against buying pets as presents this Christmas. The public have been urged to consider the commitment of caring for an animal long-term. A spokesman for Animal Welfare Gozo said: ‘Each year we see unwanted animals that were given as gifts. ‘People should consider the commitment they are making […]

Dog left fighting for life after eating poison in Gozo

A dog has been left fighting for her life after eating slug pellets in Gozo. 18-month-old Rafa ingested the poison in a street near her home in Xaghra on Friday. Soon after Rafa, a labrador and border collie mix, began frantically shaking and foaming at the mouth, before collapsing. He is now being treated in […]

Scamp the Tramp is crowned the world’s ugliest dog

Scamp the Tramp’s looks have made him a winner – but it wasn’t a beauty contest. The scruffy-haired, bug-eyed pooch took the top prize at the 31st annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest in California. His owner Yvonne Morones won $1,500 in cash, another $1,500 to donate to an animal charity of her choice, and lots […]