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Rihanna Gives Birth To Her Second Child, A Baby Girl

  After Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement during her Super Bowl halftime show performance last February, it was revealed that today she gave birth to a baby girl 👶   Although she is yet to confirm it herself on social media, multiple verified fan accounts on X (Twitter) have posted about the news, as well as other […]

Mayor Marries Alligator He Calls ‘Princess Girl’ In Mexico

Mexico Alligator Princess Girl

  Mexican mayor Victor Hugo Sosa recently got married to an alligator-like reptile.     This marriage was a unique ancestral ritual intended to bring prosperity to his people.   This custom, which has been followed for 230 years, honors the peaceful coexistence of the indigenous Chontal and Huave people.     The reptile, known […]

Fireman Adopts Abandoned Baby Girl He Found In A Box

Fireman Abandoned Baby Girl Box

  An abandoned newborn who was discovered in a baby box by a firefighter is now being adopted.     The baby was placed in the “Safe Haven Baby Box” at a Florida fire station earlier this year.   Various fire services utilize these boxes to let people surrender newborns who can’t be cared for.   […]

12-Yr-Old Girl Jumps 100ft From Ride After Malfunction

12 Girl Jumps Ride Malfunction

  A 12-year-old girl was made to jump off Australia’s “tallest traveling freefall ride” while it was in motion in a truly horrifying incident.     For a fun girls’ day out, Holly Brown and her friend Ava went to the Queensland’s Kilcoy Show. The girls, however, were left in a state of shock when they both realized their safety harnesses had not fully buckled on the freefall ride.   Holly claims that the ride attendant noticed the situation that the girls were in right away and did his utmost to grab onto the rising platform and assist in securing the safety restraints.   The 12-year-old said the attendant slipped and fell three […]

13-Year-Old Girl Fights Off Shark And Survives

13 Girl Shark Survives

  What a brave girl!     After being attacked twice, a 13-year-old was able to repel a large shark.   On May 11, Ella Reed was taking a swim off the coast of Florida when a six-foot-long bull shark charged at her and bit into her ribs.   “It wouldn’t leave me alone, so […]

11-Year-Old Girl Making $132k Per Month Retiring To Focus On School

11 Girl Retiring School

  Pixie Curtis, 11, who earns up to $132,000 per month, is “semi-retiring” to concentrate on her studies.     After building a multi-million dollar empire Pixie’s Pix, an online store that sells a variety of accessories, the Australian schoolgirl has seen financial success.   Although the 11-year-old really took off during the pandemic, she […]