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12-Yr-Old Girl Jumps 100ft From Ride After Malfunction

12 Girl Jumps Ride Malfunction


A 12-year-old girl was made to jump off Australia’s “tallest traveling freefall ride” while it was in motion in a truly horrifying incident.



For fun girls’ day out, Holly Brown and her friend Ava went to the Queensland’s Kilcoy Show. The girls, however, were left in state of shock when they both realized their safety harnesses had not fully buckled on the freefall ride.


Holly claims that the ride attendant noticed the situation that the girls were in right away and did his utmost to grab onto the rising platform and assist in securing the safety restraints.

Girl, 12, forced to jump off Australia's tallest ride after seatbelt malfunction - World News - Mirror Online


The 12-year-old said the attendant slipped and fell three metres, so the only thing he could really do was encourage them to jump off.


“So I was like, ‘You know what, breaking bones is better than losing my life.’ So I jumped.”