Australian City to Offer Abortions For Free In 2023

The city of Canberra will provide free abortions to residents up to 16 weeks pregnant. The government will pay around €3 Million over the course of the next four years to ensure that residents may ‘make decisions about their healthcare based on what [was] best for them and their bodies’.     Deputy Chief Minister […]

Woman Has Been Living On A Cruise Ship For The Past 12 Years

  A woman opened up about living for free on a cruise ship for the last 12 years of her life.   Christine Kesteloo, from Vlissingen, Netherlands has been spending most of the year living on a cruise ship since 2010. She explained how she used to be a cruise and travel director until 2020 […]

Cynergi Is Open For Free All Day This Saturday!

  One of Malta’s largest gyms is open for free all day this Saturday 2nd April!   Over 2000m2 of gym space, pool, spa, squash courts, weekly classes and more. What more could you want from a gym? The best part? You can get all of this for free for one whole day tomorrow.   […]

Australia Will Be Giving Students Free Pads And Tampons

  The Government of New South Wales, a state in Australia announced that they will be providing tampons and sanitary pads for free to all the students across all NSW public schools. The $30 million state program will start at the end of June.   NSW’s Education Minister Sarah Mitchell announced this project saying that […]