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Pilot Snorted Cocaine Off Topless Woman Pre-Flight

What do you make of this?⬇️     A British Airways pilot faced termination from his job after engaging in inappropriate behaviour while off-duty and prior to attempting to operate a fully occupied flight. Mike Beaton, who is married, openly discussed the incident with a female flight attendant, candidly admitting his misconduct.   In recounting […]

Cocaine To Surpass Oil As Colombia’s Biggest Export

As per Bloomberg Economics, Colombia is on track for cocaine to surpass oil as its primary export.     The Colombian government has adopted a more permissive stance on drug-related policies, leading to an expansion in drug production. In 2022, according to Bloomberg Economics, exports were valued at approximately $18.2 billion. Meanwhile, oil exports experienced […]

€400 Million Worth Of Cocaine Found Off Of Sicily

Italian authorities have confiscated a staggering two metric tons of cocaine that were found floating in the sea just off the eastern coast of Sicily.   The street value of the drugs, according to the financial police, is estimated to be nearly €400 million. The investigation revealed that the cocaine bundles were cleverly tied together […]