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€400 Million Worth Of Cocaine Found Off Of Sicily

Italian authorities have confiscated a staggering two metric tons of cocaine that were found floating in the sea just off the eastern coast of Sicily.


The street value of the drugs, according to the financial police, is estimated to be nearly €400 million. The investigation revealed that the cocaine bundles were cleverly tied together using netting and plastic, ensuring that they remained dry and buoyant. In total, over 1,600 packets of cocaine were seized, packed in 70 floating bundles.


As a precaution, police planes patrolled the area to monitor for any parcels that may have detached from the net. This seizure on Monday marks a new record for the financial police in terms of the largest amount of cocaine discovered. A video shared on Twitter depicted the drugs wrapped in waterproof packages, with a flashing tracking device attached to the bundles.


The police suspect that the stash of cocaine may have been abandoned at sea by a cargo ship for later retrieval and transportation to the mainland by a criminal organization, although no specific group has been identified by officials.