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Finalist Photos For Comedy Pet Photo Awards

The Comedy Pet Photo Awards near their conclusion! Among the 25 photographs competing for the top honour, one captures the hilarious moment a border collie leaps for a ball in New York City. The shortlisted images from around the world showcase a dog playfully digging at Hemsby beach in Norfolk, a poodle gracefully soaring through […]

8 Endangered Animals We Need To Protect

Endangered Animals Protect

  It’s Endangered Species Day today!     On this day we made a list of critically endangered animals we need to seriously protect.   Check out the animals below:   African forest elephant     Amur leopard     Black Rhino     Eastern Lowland Gorilla     Hawksbill Turtle     Orangutan   […]

Photographer Captures Stunning Wild Animal Shots

Photographer @shaazjung’s new photos showcases stunning wildlife photography, capturing breathtaking images of animals in their natural habitats. The photographs showcase the beauty and majesty of creatures like tigers, jaguars, and birds, often in jungle landscapes. See the photos here: