Animal Abusers Prison Sentences Increases From 3 To 5 Years

animal abuse

  The prison sentence for animal abusers is about to increase from three to five years!     Five years will now be the maximum prison sentence for animal abusers. Along with this increased sentence, animal abusers will also be listed under a registry that stops them from keeping any animals.   This was approved […]

WATCH: Kittens In Bin Bag Rescued & Nursed Back To Health

  Refuse collectors discovered a litter of abandoned kittens in a garbage bag and nursed them back to health.   Warning: this video contains graphic depictions of animal torture and death.     The terrible video, shared on TikTok by @les_aventures_de_sauvee, shows garbage loaders ripping open a rubbish bag containing newborn kittens that were discarded […]

WATCH: Donkey Spotted Eating Grass On Road In Kalkara

  Another week, another donkey sighting on Maltese roads… 😬     This time in Kalkara, passersby spotted two donkeys chilling in a residential area. One of them was to the side eating some grass growing out of the sidewalk. While the other donkey was right in the middle of the street.   People have […]

WATCH: Group of Ducks Spotted Crossing Road in Żejtun

  Did you ever spot any animals on the road?😂   From donkeys to chickens to now ducks someone has been letting their animals loose recently.     Check out the cute video of a group of ducks casually crossing the road in Żejtun.   Darryl Agius took the photo and video last week at […]

Turkish Chef Salt Bae Bashed By Animal Rights Organisation PETA

  The 38-year-old chef, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe, became a meme due to his distinctive seasoning method back in 2017.     Now, Nusret owns a global chain of luxury steakhouses, known for their impressive cuts of meat, extravagant presentation, and eye-wateringly expensive dishes.     View this post on Instagram   A […]

All Of Malta’s Dog Shelters Reach Full Capacity As More Dogs Are Being Abandoned

  The animal welfare commissioner has said that all of Malta’s dog shelters have reached maximum capacity as more dogs are being abandoned.     Within the last month, animal sanctuaries across the Islands have called out on the public to ‘adopt, don’t shop’ as the number of stray dogs increased. Both Animal Welfare Gozo […]

Animal Remains Left Rotting In Skips Causing Intolerable Stench In Marsa

  Animal corpses have been left to decompose in the sun at the Marsa incinerator, causing such an awful smell that it made people vomit and even prompted foreign clients of a nearby boating facility to leave.     An advisor of one of the companies within the area argued that the foul smell is […]

Malta Ranks 29th Out Of 65 For Animal Rights In New Index

  In a new ‘Animal Rights Index’ – which identifies which countries are the best and worst for animal rights in 2021 – Malta ranked 29th out of 65 countries.     In the process of selection, researcher and co-founder of, Matthew H. Nash, from San Francisco utilised nine key factors, such as recognition […]

WATCH: Deer spotted on the run in Maltese street

A deer has been spotted running free along one of Malta’s busiest streets. The animal was filmed trotting past cars on Burmarrad Road in St Paul’s Bay on Sunday night. Motorists said it had escaped from a field next to BirdPark Malta. The wildlife park near Salina Bay is home to hundreds of species of […]

Scamp the Tramp is crowned the world’s ugliest dog

Scamp the Tramp’s looks have made him a winner – but it wasn’t a beauty contest. The scruffy-haired, bug-eyed pooch took the top prize at the 31st annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest in California. His owner Yvonne Morones won $1,500 in cash, another $1,500 to donate to an animal charity of her choice, and lots […]

Firefighters rescue squirrel stuck in manhole cover

Fire crews, police and vets have joined forces to rescue a squirrel which was stuck in a manhole cover The fire brigade in the German city of Dortmund said they responded to a call about the rodent in peril on a street next to a park. When they arrived, they spotted the tufted-eared squirrel’s head […]

Dogs evolved ‘sad puppy eyes’ to appeal to humans

Dogs have evolved their ‘sad eyes’ expression in order to help endear them to humans, a study has found. Scientists compared the anatomy and behaviour of dogs and wolves. Their findings suggest the facial structure of dogs changed over thousands of years specifically to enable them to communicate with humans. A University of Portsmouth spokesman […]

Wildlife photographer of the year winner is announced

The winner of Wildlife Photographer of the Year has been announced. It was a photo of two adult male lions, thought to be brothers, nuzzling together which earned the winner the title. David Lloyd took the photo as the animals greeted each other by rubbing faces for about 30 seconds. He said: ‘I’m so pleased […]

WATCH: Adorable tiger cubs born at Dublin Zoo

A competition has been launched to find names for two rare baby tigers born at a zoo. The Amur tiger cubs will be unveiled to visitors at Dublin Zoo in Ireland this weekend. The species is endangered with only 500 or so believed to be living in the wild. The female cubs were born in […]

Real estate agency saves Maltese pets in need

Maltese businesses are well-known for their generosity by helping charities and good causes at home and abroad. Some donate clothes, food, books or even manpower to help those in need. But one Maltese company has started doing something extra special –  helping our four-legged friends. Real estate firm Ben Estates has pledged to make a […]

Malta’s most adorable puppies need loving homes

Malta’s most adorable puppies will soon be searching for loving homes. The five little dogs are to be offered for adoption after being found abandoned in a cardboard box. The pups were spotted by a walker on Sunday morning after they were dumped in the Maltese countryside. They were taken to the animal rescue hospital […]