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Sicily Airports Close After Mount Etna Erupts

Nature’s power affects travel plans once again


Due to a recent eruption of Mount Etna, both Catania and Comiso airports have been closed. This eruption released an ash cloud that spread across southeastern Sicily and over the Mediterranean.

The 6am flight scheduled from Malta to Catania was unable to depart due to the airport closures, causing a six-hour delay. Air Malta provided refreshments to travelers at both Malta airport and those awaiting the return flight from Catania. Additionally, air traffic was redirected away from the ash plume to ensure safety.

Catania airport anticipates reopening by 1pm. The eruption deposited ash on Rifugio Sapienza, a popular spot on Mt Etna frequently visited by Maltese tourists.

Interestingly, Catania airport had only recently resumed full operations after a phased reopening following a significant terminal building fire in mid-July.