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Roman Structural Remains Discovered Under Rabat

Parts of three walls and additional structural remains were discovered during excavations near the Domvs Romana in Rabat.



While likely used for domestic purposes, the area is still too small to confirm it as part of a house. Further excavations are planned for next year to learn more.

The discovery was made during the Melite Civitas Romana Project’s summer excavation season. Led by Heritage Malta with David Cardona as Lead Director and in collaboration with the Institute for Digital Exploration (IDEX) of the University of South Florida, the project involves Australian and British archaeologists from Intercontinental Archaeology.

This find adds to our understanding of Sir Temi Zammit’s earlier excavations in the area from 1920 to 1925 and provides valuable data on the structures in the vicinity. It contributes to the overall comprehension of the ancient Roman town of Melite.

Excavations also targeted other areas to rediscover Zammit’s trenches for reevaluation. All findings are carefully documented using various methods, including digital techniques like 3D scanning and photogrammetry.