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Property In Malta Amongst ‘Most Affordable In EU’

The Malta Developers Association (MDA) has revealed that the property market in Malta is one of the most affordable when compared to other EU countries.

With reference to the 2022 Europe Report, the MDA claimed that according to data for February, the results for property buyers has exceeded expectations.

The favorable outlook is anticipated to continue in the upcoming years, with only Lithuania’s average housing cost being more affordable than Malta’s, making it one of the most affordable countries in the EU. 


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When all costs, including mortgage, rent, and utility bills are taken into account, Malta’s housing cost is the most affordable when compared to the costs in the other EU members states.
It was also revealed that promise of Sales value increased by an astounding 29% in February 2023 which showed an increase of more than 85 million euros over the same month last year. 
Moreover, during January and February 2023, there was a 153 million euro gain over 2022.


Do you think Malta’s housing is affordable when compared to other countries?