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Pope Francis Tells Trans Person That “God Loves Us As We Are”

Pope Francis stands with LGBTQIA+ community!


Pope Francis recently conveyed a heartfelt message to a young transgender individual named Giona, stating that ‘God loves us just as we are.’ During a podcast where he listened to messages from young people ahead of the Catholic youth festival, the Pope assured Giona that the Lord is always by our side, even when we struggle with the conflict between our faith and our transgender identity.


Earlier this year, the 86-year-old Pope denounced anti-gay laws and urged Catholic bishops to be more accepting of LGBTQIA+ individuals within the Church. Despite some priests considering queerness a ‘sin,’ Pope Francis hoped that their perspectives would evolve, signaling a significant cultural shift within the Church. He stressed the importance of applying tenderness, just as God does, and opposing the unjust criminalization of homosexuality.


In summary, Pope Francis offered comforting words to a young transgender person, emphasizing that God’s love embraces all individuals as they are, regardless of their struggles and identities. He continues to advocate for a more inclusive and accepting approach within the Catholic Church towards LGBTQIA+ individuals.