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Nate Posts About Sven And Daughter Leaving Villa

Nate is back on social media with wholesome posts 🥹


Love Island Malta contestant Nate, recently eliminated from the villa, expressed his affection for his daughter and his newfound companion Sven in his first two social media posts following his departure from the competition.


Nate shared a picture of himself and his daughter, accompanied by the caption: ‘Joyful reunion with my beloved’. Throughout his time on the show, Nate emphasized the importance of his relationship with his daughter, stating that it was an integral part of any potential connection he would form.


In another post, Nate dedicated his thoughts to Sven, featuring a meme alongside the words: ‘Farewell to the bromance we cherished.’

“He is a genuine friend,” Nate wrote affectionately about Sven. “I stood by you during our time in the villa, and I will continue to support you outside. Stay brave and resilient, my brother.”


Nate consistently provided a supportive presence for Sven as he candidly discussed his involvement with Gabriella and navigated their evolving relationship.