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7 Celebrities With The Best Smiles

In celebration of National Smile Day, we’re showcasing some of our beloved celebrities who radiate joy with their captivating smiles.   Get ready to be uplifted as we present a lineup of megawatt smiles that are bound to brighten your day. Let these lovely celebrities infectious grins bring a smile to your face too!   Anne […]

Smokers Get 1 Week Off A Year From Cigarette Breaks

Smokers have some extra break time ..     New research has uncovered an intriguing revelation: smokers are gaining an additional week of time off from work each year, all thanks to their smoking habit.   According to data gathered by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), a significant 52 percent of smokers regularly take […]

Jake & Kris Critien Discuss Her New Single On Malta’s Top 10

Jake Kris Critien Malta's Top 10

  On this week’s Malta’s Top 10, Jake sat down with local artist Kris Critien to discuss her love for music and the inspiration behind her newly released single!     Listen to the full interview here:   Malta’s Top 10 with Jake will be back next Monday at 9:30 pm!  

Hero Saves Struggling Dog Drowning In Icy Waters

Not all hero’s wear capes!   A heartwarming incident of a husky dog being rescued from a partially frozen lake is gaining massive attention online.   The incident took place at Sloan Lake in Colorado, USA, where a compassionate individual fearlessly plunged into the icy waters to reach the stranded dog. By bravely breaking through […]

Walks Around UK Town After Escaping Zoo

A cheeky red panda managed to escape from a local zoo and took an unexpected stroll through the streets of a town in the United Kingdom.     The adorable creature named Sundara caught the attention of warehouse workers in Newquay, England, who were left astonished as they witnessed her leisurely “saunter” down the road. […]

Nicola Sparks Recoupling Rumours With Andriy

Trouble in paradise for Nicola and Dale..   After yesterday’s kissing challenge, Nicola and Andriy seemed to enjoy their kiss the most! This triggered another argument between Nicola and Dale, and the couple seem to be on the rocks for tonight’s recoupling. Do you think Nicola will choose Andriy instead of Dale tonight?  

Local Singer Turns The Little Mermaid Song In Maltese

A beautiful twist to the iconic Little Mermaid song!🎵🔈   Singing her heart out, the incredibly talented @sarahmicallefmusc takes us on an enchanting journey beneath the sea with her mesmerizing rendition of “Part of Your World” from Disney’s beloved “The Little Mermaid”!   But wait, there’s a twist! Sarah has beautifully translated this timeless tune […]

Nate Posts About Sven And Daughter Leaving Villa

Nate is back on social media with wholesome posts 🥹   Love Island Malta contestant Nate, recently eliminated from the villa, expressed his affection for his daughter and his newfound companion Sven in his first two social media posts following his departure from the competition.   Nate shared a picture of himself and his daughter, […]