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Model Jade Cini Speaks Out About Nate Rumours

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Jade Cini, the former Miss Universe Malta, recently addressed a persistent rumor surrounding her ex-boyfriend, Nate, who is currently a contestant on Love Island Malta. The rumor suggested that Nate was not the aggressor in a domestic violence case that Jade had bravely shared about in recent years.



In her statement, she was referring to an Instagram story that had been circulating widely for the past few days, insinuating a connection between her domestic violence case and Nate.


jade cini love island nate


Jade emphasized that her story of domestic violence was entirely true and had been legally resolved by the Maltese Courts. However, she made it clear that she had never disclosed the identity of the aggressor and had no intention of doing so. She believed in the capacity for people to make mistakes, grow, and learn from them, without their past actions haunting them.


The Miss Universe Malta alum, who is now a happy mother, clarified that Nate, with whom she had a relationship years ago, had no involvement in the domestic violence case. She mentioned that the Love Island Malta crew had verified this fact after reaching out to her.


Jade’s courageous stance aims to set the record straight and protect both her own integrity and Nate’s reputation from unfounded speculations.