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Millionaire Builds 99 Tiny Houses For Homeless People


What a wonderful gesture👏



Marcel LeBrun, a Canadian entrepreneur who sold his media monitoring company for 8 figures, is now putting his earnings to good use. He’s building 99 tiny houses in a gated community for homeless individuals in his area.


Under LeBrun’s visionary project, known as the “12 Neighbours,” the objective is to construct a secure community comprising 99 tiny homes, complemented by a business hub designed to provide homeless individuals with a fresh beginning.


With a personal investment of $4 million, LeBrun has committed a significant chunk of his own funds to this initiative. Impressively, the project is already three-quarters complete, thanks to additional financial support from grants and government backing.


Each of these tiny homes comes equipped with a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable living and sleeping areas, a complete bathroom, a small deck, solar panels on the roof, and an appealing exterior paint finish.