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Millionaire Builds 99 Tiny Houses For Homeless People

  What a wonderful gesture👏     Marcel LeBrun, a Canadian entrepreneur who sold his media monitoring company for 8 figures, is now putting his earnings to good use. He’s building 99 tiny houses in a gated community for homeless individuals in his area.   Under LeBrun’s visionary project, known as the “12 Neighbours,” the […]

Making Your Bed Increases Chances Of Being Millionaire

Did you make your bed this morning?     Socio-economist Randall Bell conducted a study on the behaviours of exceptionally successful individuals and uncovered an intriguing correlation: Regularly tidying your bed in the morning can potentially boost your prospects of achieving millionaire status. 💸 Randall elaborates on how our habits significantly influence our life outcomes. […]

Millionaire Is Willing To Pay Someone To Travel With Him

Millionaire Pay Travel

  This is your sign to quit your day job and become this millionaire’s assistant.     Matthew Lepre, an Australian entrepreneur, is willing to pay someone to be his personal assistant and travel the world with him.   Due to his business, Lepre spends his time travelling around the world, and as a result […]

12 Y/O Millionaire Buys Car Costing More Than €200K

12 Millionaire Car

  We’re jealous!   Young millionaire Pixie Curtis recently purchased a brand-new car for herself.     Since moving to Singapore last week, the 12-year-old started looking for a new vehicle.   Pixie, who is already a billionaire from the business she and her mother founded, uploaded a picture of herself inspecting a new car […]