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Marathon Runners Stop Running To Save Kitten

During the Chicago Marathon, Sarah Bohan encountered a stray kitten🐈



“As I was running on the left side of the road closest to the sidewalk and entered a tunnel,” Sarah shared with The Dodo, “I noticed this small, fluffy cat crying and scared on the sidewalk.”

Despite knowing that stopping could affect her record time, she didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand.

“I didn’t even think twice,” Sarah explained. “[I] scooped up the cat.”

With the frightened kitten in her arms, Sarah slowed down to a walk to ensure its comfort.

“That cat became my responsibility,” she said. “I needed to give it the love it deserved.”

After walking about a mile with the kitten, Sarah caught the attention of some spectators on the sidelines—fellow animal lovers volunteering to take the little cat off her hands.

“I didn’t know them,” Sarah noted. “They just came forward and said they have cats of their own and will give this little baby love. I trusted them based on our very brief interaction.”

Having secured a home for the kitten amidst the marathon, Sarah then continued her journey to the finish line. It was an unexpected twist, but she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Although Sarah didn’t exchange information with the adopters, PAWS Chicago later provided a heartwarming update.

“Adopter found!” the group announced. “We hear [the kitten] is settling into his new home and doing great!”

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