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Winnie The Pooh’s House Is Available For Rent

  Ready to move into the Hundred Acre Woods?🍯     You can actually rent Winnie the Pooh’s house on Airbnb in Ashdown Forest, U.K.! Kim Raymond, the artist behind Winnie the Pooh, turned the character’s home into a real thing by taking inspiration from E.H. Shepard’s original designs. This ‘Bearbnb’ has two separate stays, […]

5 Of The Most Fascinating World Records

Have a look at some of the weirdest, yet fascinating world records:     The world’s fastest bathtub reached an average speed of 186 km/h David Rush can fit 100 lit candles in his mouth A cat can balance ten dice on its paw The world’s largest pizza had an area of 13,580.28 ft² A […]

Marathon Runners Stop Running To Save Kitten

During the Chicago Marathon, Sarah Bohan encountered a stray kitten🐈     “As I was running on the left side of the road closest to the sidewalk and entered a tunnel,” Sarah shared with The Dodo, “I noticed this small, fluffy cat crying and scared on the sidewalk.” Despite knowing that stopping could affect her […]