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Man Avoids Getting Hit By Train By Lying On Tracks

It was a miraculous save🙏



A young man in his twenties named Prateek Kumar miraculously escaped a life-threatening situation when he accidentally fell beneath a moving train. The incident took place at Bagaha railway station in West Champaran, India.

Prateek had jumped from the train to purchase some biscuits and a refreshing cold drink during a brief stop. However, as the train began to depart without him, he hastily attempted to reboard but ended up slipping beneath the carriages while they were in motion. Astoundingly, eyewitnesses recounted how Prateek managed to survive by lying flat between the two tracks.

Once the danger had passed, onlookers came to his aid, helping him to stand. They also provided him with a towel to wrap around his head and promptly arranged for his transportation to a nearby hospital.