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University Offering Degree On How To Be An Influencer

University Degree Influencer

  If you love the idea of influencing, this course is perfect for you!     A university in Ireland called South East Technological University is now offering a full-time degree in influencing.   This degree will provide students all they need to become a self-employed influencer. Course units are set to include crisis management, […]

Festival Called ‘Kukur Tihar’ Devoted To Honouring Dogs

Festival Kukur Tihar Dogs

  As they deserve!     This annual Hindu celebration called Kukur Tihar, which takes place on the second day of Tihar, has originated in Nepal. Dogs are worshipped on this day in order to please Yama, the god of death, as they are thought to be his messengers.   Tilaka is used to decorate […]

Driver Fined After Road Cam Showed Dog Behind Wheel

Driver Fined After Road Cam Showed Dog Behind Wheel

  A Slovakian driver was punished after a speed camera captured a picture of their dog behind the wheel.     The owner of the car continued by saying that when he was driving along the road, his brown hunting dog just so happened to jump across the seat and into his lap, but video […]

Zendaya Wax Figure Seen On Bus Stop In Amsterdam

Zendaya Wax Figure Amsterdam

  Looks too much like her!     People recently spotted this wax figure that looks identical to the famous actress Zendaya. The wax figure was discovered randomly sitting on a bus stop in the heart of Amsterdam.   Why go to Madame Tussauds when you can discover brilliant wax figures in the streets.  

Man And His Emotional Support Alligator Denied Entry At Baseball Game

Man Alligator Baseball

  70-year-old Joie Henney and his emotional support alligator Wally were recently denied entry from a baseball game.     This happened despite being invited to the game by the players themselves. Henney explained the story to The Independent and said that there are no hard feelings about it.     The duo’s friendship came […]

Dog Wears Camera That Takes Photos When Happy

  The cutest phodographer 🐶     As a dog owner, you’ve probably wondered what makes your dog’s happy.   To find out what makes a dog’s tail wag, Nikon Asia undertook a remarkable project: crafting a unique camera designed to capture only the moments that excited our four-legged friends.   In this project named […]

Prada To Design Nasa’s New Moon Suit

Astronauts wear Prada 💅   NASA astronauts are set to embark on a mission to the Moon in 2025 with a touch of luxury, thanks to the collaboration between Italian fashion powerhouse Prada and private space company Axiom Space. Prada’s involvement in this project is aimed at contributing their expertise in materials and manufacturing to […]

Man Avoids Getting Hit By Train By Lying On Tracks

It was a miraculous save🙏     A young man in his twenties named Prateek Kumar miraculously escaped a life-threatening situation when he accidentally fell beneath a moving train. The incident took place at Bagaha railway station in West Champaran, India. Prateek had jumped from the train to purchase some biscuits and a refreshing cold […]

UM Lecturer Takes Students Out For Coffee

What a great way to start the day👏     Eve Borg Bonello, a Law student, had quite an unconventional start to her morning lecture recently, an experience she described as “unforgettable.” Instead of delving right into the intricacies of legal theory or case studies, her lecturer had a different agenda: to build a more […]

Ed Sheeran Reveals He Already Has His Grave Dug

He’s definitely thinking ahead😅     The singer confirmed to GQ in a recent interview that he indeed has a grave on his English property.   “I wouldn’t say it’s a crypt,” Sheeran told GQ. “It’s a hole that’s dug in the ground with a bit of stone over it, so whenever the day comes […]

Tom Holland & Zendaya Go On Cute Puppy Date

  Talk about the paw-fect date🥺     While the pair likes to keep their relationship private, Tom Holland and Zendaya took to their Instagram to share adorable photos they took while on a puppy date!     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Tom Holland (@tomholland2013) The couple visited Battersea […]