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Maltese Female Athletes Set New National Records


Congratulations to the Maltese team for their outstanding performance!



At the Firenze Spring Festival Relays, a team of four female athletes from Malta, comprising Claire Azzopardi, Janet Richard, Charlotte Wingfield, and Carla Scicluna, competed and successfully set a new national record of 44.98 seconds. This impressive feat marks the first time that Malta has recorded a timing below 45 seconds, with the previous record of 45.37 seconds now being broken.



It is worth noting that the Maltese women’s 4×100 relay team had already broken the previous record just last April, making the achievement even more remarkable as the new record was set in less than a month’s time. This comes as great news for Malta, especially as the GSSE 2023, set to take place in the country, is just around the corner.


Claire Azzopardi, one of the athletes, shared her excitement about the achievement on social media. She took to Instagram and posted a story showing her breaking the news to her teammates, who were seen jumping for joy.