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Malta’s First Electric Race Car Being Built By University Students

A group of university students have embarked on a groundbreaking project for Malta – the creation of a fully electric race car!


Even in its early construction phases, the race car project is well underway, with the University of Malta’s racing team aiming to complete it by April 2024, setting their sights on competing in Italy or the UK come July. Established in 2012, UM Racing has participated in seven international competitions, showcasing their prowess with four distinct race cars.

Notably, in Silverstone, UK, the team clinched a commendable third place overall out of 110 competing teams last year.


While the previous four vehicles were powered by internal combustion engines, the team is aligning with the evolving landscape and embracing electric propulsion. Shaun Abela, president of UM Racing, highlighted the team’s forward-looking approach, stating that with the way the automobile industry is moving forward, the competition is now moving towards electric, and we don’t want to fall behind.


 Shaun Abela – president of UM Racing


Photos by UM Racing