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Madonna & Sam Smith Slammed For Sexual Lyrics

sam smith madonna vulgar

Madonna & Sam are definitely feeling ‘vulgar’ 😯


Since Madonna introduced Sam Smith to perform their hit song ‘Unholy’ at this year’s Grammy Awards, fans worldwide have eagerly anticipated a collaboration between the two artists. Finally, their wait is over as Madonna and Sam Smith have unveiled their joint single titled ‘Vulgar.’ However, the song’s lyrics have raised eyebrows for their explicit nature.

Madonna and Sam Smith have collaborated on their new song, Vulgar. Credit: Instagram/@Madonna

The sexually aggressive content of ‘Vulgar’ has left many fans surprised. While Madonna and Sam Smith are both known for their boundary-pushing music, this musical duo has faced criticism for the explicitness of their latest release.


Madonna continues: “Boy, get down on your knees ‘cuz I am Madonna. If you f*** with Sam tonight, you’re f****** with me. So, watch what you say, or I’ll split your banana. We do what we wanna, we say what we’ve gotta. We’re sexy, we’re free, and we feel vulgar.”


Following the song’s release on Friday, June 9, Sam Smith expressed admiration for Madonna on social media. Taking to Instagram, Smith wrote, “VULGAR is a song that holds a special place in my heart.”