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Love Island UK Finalists Seen Partying In Malta

Love Island UK finalists make a splash in Malta, creating waves with their thrilling island escapades. The dynamic quartet jetted off to revel in an epic Afro festival, and their social media stories spill the beans on their adventures.



Indya, the charismatic Season 8 contestant and co-host of After Sun, was spotted up north, basking in the company of her partner Demi. Through a delightful series of snapshots, they shared glimpses of their quality time together, radiating joy.


The couples were clearly in their element, fully embracing the festival’s electrifying vibes. Instagram came alive with videos capturing their exuberant dance moves and playful banter, spreading contagious smiles.



Unbelievably, amidst the 5,000 international festival-goers, these Love Island finalists found themselves amidst the excitement. Fate certainly knows how to surprise!


Adding a flavorful twist to their journey, Tanya expressed her love for a local Maltese/African restaurant. With a loyal following nearing a quarter of a million, she assured her fans that Social 22 is the ultimate spot for African cuisine, cheekily emphasizing that she wasn’t paid to endorse it.