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Local Teen Battling Cancer Starts Small Business

What a brave soul ❤


Ena Marie Mifsud, a courageous 15-year-old, has defied the odds by launching her own thriving online business while battling cancer and undergoing multiple rounds of chemotherapy in London.

A personalised bag made by Ena Marie.

Originally hailing from Birżebbuġa, Ena first encountered health challenges in 2021 when she received a rare diagnosis involving stomach problems. Unfortunately, her struggles continued as she was later diagnosed with a brain tumor, necessitating ongoing treatment in London.

A personalised ‘thank you’ card made by Ena Marie.

Undeterred by her medical journey, Ena took her entrepreneurial spirit to the digital realm, establishing @ena.s.creations. Her online store offers an impressive array of personalized cards, t-shirts, mugs, and more, all showcasing her exceptional creativity and craftsmanship.


Well done Ena Marie 👏