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Less Heatwaves Predicted For Malta This Summer

less heatwaves malta


Finally, some good news 🔥



Samuel Cutajar, a weather expert interviewed on ‘TVAM’ this morning, predicts that this summer will be less extreme than last year, as indicated by current weather trends. According to Cutajar, the temperatures are expected to be more consistent and range between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius. The lack of extreme heat can be attributed to the El Niño phenomenon currently underway in the Pacific Ocean, which affects global weather every three years.


Maltese Weather in Summer
Photo by diegograndi


Cutajar also commented on the spring weather, stating that colder temperatures than usual will persist until mid-April due to the influence of cold air from Scandinavia. This could lead to some instability, as was seen with the recent rain over the weekend.


However, Cutajar reassures that the weather during Holy Week is expected to be stable, with only some rain forecasted for this afternoon and Easter Sunday morning.