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Lab Chimp Sees Sun For The First Time In 28 Years

Chimpanzee Vanilla’s life finally begins 🥺❤



Save The Chimps’ heartwarming video captures a remarkable moment as Vanilla, a chimpanzee who had previously lived in captivity, experiences the vastness of an open blue sky for the very first time.


Posted on Facebook by the animal protection organization, the footage showcases Vanilla’s introduction to her new outdoor island home at Save the Chimps’ sanctuary in Florida.


The video unfolds with Vanilla, a 29-year-old female chimp who had spent her early years in a biomedical research laboratory in New York, cautiously peering outside from the doorway. In the subsequent scene, she joyfully jumps and embraces Dwight, an alpha male chimpanzee identified by Save the Chimps, before gazing up at the sky with wonder-filled eyes.


“Dwight, the alpha male responsible for the chimp community, encouraged her to step out with open arms,” stated Dan Mathews from Save The Chimps.