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The ‘Boyfriend Air’ Theory Explained In Viral TikTok

Boyfriend Air Theory TikTok

  Ever hung out with your boyfriend and ended up looking a bit messy for no reason and without any funny business?     Apparently you’re not alone – ‘boyfriend air’ is a real thing.   According to dating & relationship coach Kate Mansfield, ‘boyfriend air’ is a term to describe how spending time with […]

Sweden To Build An Entire City From Wood By 2027

Sweden City Wood 2027

  Would you live here?     The largest wooden city in the world is being built in Stockholm, Sweden to set new standards for environmentally friendly innovation.   Stockholm Wood City will cover 250,000 square meters and intends to revolutionize the real estate industry with its wooden masterpieces.     Construction methods are being revolutionized to embrace circular material flows […]

Fireman Adopts Abandoned Baby Girl He Found In A Box

Fireman Abandoned Baby Girl Box

  An abandoned newborn who was discovered in a baby box by a firefighter is now being adopted.     The baby was placed in the “Safe Haven Baby Box” at a Florida fire station earlier this year.   Various fire services utilize these boxes to let people surrender newborns who can’t be cared for.   […]

8% Of Men Think They Can Win A Fist Fight With A Lion

Men Lion

  Men were asked in a survey by YouGov which animals they believe they could beat in a fight.     Among the different respondents, 72% thought they could beat a rat while 14% thought they could defeat a kangaroo.   However, a not so humble 8% felt confident in winning a fight with a […]

Dog Lover Surprised With 200+ Dogs On 100th Birthday

Dog Lover 100 Birthday

  This made our day!     Dr. Robert Moore from San Jose, California, has always had a love affair with dogs, and for his 100th birthday, his daughter surprised him by planning a dog parade.   His daughter had thought that 20 to 30 dogs would attend but was surprised when more than 200 puppies attended.  

Nicole Frendo Releases Debut Song ‘Temptations’

From X Factor finalist to rising star ⭐   Following an inspiring journey on the X Factor, Nicole Frendo felt the need to carve her own path in music. Dedicated to finding her unique sound, she poured her emotions into her debut single ‘Temptations.’   With the help of music producer Alexei De Bono (LEX), […]

WATCH: Aquarium Toilet In Japan Goes Viral On TikTok

Aquarium Toilet Japan TikTok

  How would you feel using the bathroom with fish looking at you?     There is a café in Akashi, Japan, that has a unique bathroom inside of an aquarium filled with rare fish and turtles. This incredible toilet swept social media by storm and left all our jaws dropped.   This one-of-a-kind restroom allows cafe customers to enjoy the company of lovely fish and even a friendly turtle as they take care of their […]

7 Things We Love About Maltese Summers

Love Maltese Summers

  If you’re a local looking for ways to spend your summer in Malta or someone looking for reasons to give the islands a visit, this is for you!     Check out all the things we love about summers in Malta:   Malta is ideal for beach hopping     The perfect instagrammable spots […]

Bebe Rexha Helps Fan Come Out As Gay To His Mother

bebe rexha

What an emotional moment 😭   Amidst recent challenges with fans, Bebe Rexha experienced a touching moment that reminded her of the love and support she receives. During her Best F*n Night of Your Life tour, the singer met an 18-year-old fan who bravely shared his struggles with mental health and coming out as gay […]

Love Island Winners Davide And Ekin-Su Breakup

A journey of love comes to an end..     Love Island champions Ekin-Su Culculoglu and Davide Sanclimenti have called it quits after being together for 11 months.   Taking to Instagram, Davide shared the news with his followers shortly after attending the premiere of Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny alongside Ekin-Su.   […]

Lab Chimp Sees Sun For The First Time In 28 Years

Chimpanzee Vanilla’s life finally begins 🥺❤     Save The Chimps’ heartwarming video captures a remarkable moment as Vanilla, a chimpanzee who had previously lived in captivity, experiences the vastness of an open blue sky for the very first time.   Posted on Facebook by the animal protection organization, the footage showcases Vanilla’s introduction to […]

EU Might Block The Sun To Fight Climate Change

The EU is trying to discuss new solutions.     As per a report, it is stated that the European Union is planning to explore the idea of obstructing solar rays as a potential measure to address climate change.   According to Bloomberg News, the European Union is preparing to introduce a framework for evaluating […]