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Khloe Kardashian Called Out For Photoshop Fail

Khloe Kardashian was caught in yet another photoshop fail on Monday when fans called her out for trying to slim down her thighs and waistline 

Khloe’s upper thigh has a strange bent on it that looks like an attempt to slim down her legs, in another pic one can see that her waist has been pulled in, creating a somewhat disproportionate shape on her back 
The background behind her in the picture was also very noticeably warped in the middle area which further suggests further editing

Some comments on the post were as follows:

‘Bro who tf photoshops their pics so badly,’ asked one Twitter user, while another critic wondered on Instagram, ‘Is there any natural beauty left?’
‘Shimmer and Shine Baby!’ Kardashian captioned the sexy pictures. ‘It’s a must for the twins 40th birthday.’
‘Show us the unedited ones,’