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Katy Perry Is Going To Guest Star On Peppa Pig

From ‘Roar’ to ‘Oink’! 🐷


Renowned pop sensation Katy Perry has joined the ensemble of voices for the beloved children’s animated show, Peppa Pig, produced by Hasbro, as it gears up to commemorate its 20th anniversary in the upcoming year.

Perry is slated to make a special appearance in a single episode of the forthcoming three-part event titled “Peppa Pig Wedding Party Special,” scheduled to debut in the spring of 2024. In this episode, she will lend her voice to the character of Ms. Leopard, a skilled dressmaker who plays a pivotal role in preparing for Peppa Pig’s first-ever wedding ceremony, uniting the characters Mr. Bull and Mrs. Cow in matrimony.

Katy Perry’s involvement in Peppa Pig follows her recent role as the leading voice in the animated musical production, Melody. It’s important to note that her contribution to the Peppa Pig episode was completed prior to the commencement of the SAG-AFTRA strike and is fully compliant with the strike regulations, as affirmed by the series’ producer.