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It’s Raining Worms In China

Officials in Liaoning, a province in China bordering North Korea, have instructed residents to seek shelter after an apparent rain of worms fell from the sky.



The eerie scene saw the small worms splattered on cars and sidewalks, with locals resorting to umbrellas and protective gear as they went about their daily lives.


While the cause of this strange occurrence remains unknown, according to the Mother Nature Network journal, the worms may have been swept up by strong winds or caught in a whirlpool before being deposited in the city.


There are alternative theories about the source of the slimy creatures, including the possibility that they were actually tulip tree blooms, also known as poplar flowers, which bear a resemblance to worms.


One person explained: “These are not worms or animals, but flower stalks dropped from trees.”


Others claimed the video was faked.