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Italy Remains The Most Popular Destination For Maltese Tourists

One of the most beautiful countries in the world is just a few kilometers away!




Italy has long been a favored travel destination for people around the world, and it appears that Maltese tourists are no exception!


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With a substantial share of 35.4 percent, Italy has retained its position as the most popular holiday spot for Maltese travelers, according to the National Statistics Office.



For Maltese tourists, Italy offers a diverse range of experiences, whether it’s exploring the iconic landmarks of Rome, cruising along the  Amalfi Coast, indulging  Milan’s fashion districts, or immersing oneself in the art and culture of Florence.




The accessibility and short travel distance between Malta and Italy further contribute to the popularity of this destination. Located just 170 miles apart, the two countries share a geographical proximity that makes Italy an easily reachable getaway for Maltese tourists.



Have you ever visited Italy?