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Head Turning Looks From Malta Fashion Week Day 3

Another day of nothing but style and fashion ✨👗


Prepare to be mesmerized as Malta Fashion Week, the prestigious global fashion extravaganza, soared to dazzling new heights on Day 3. This captivating day unfolded with three extraordinary catwalk shows that left attendees spellbound. The featured designers, Yana’s Jewellery, Lumija, and PARASCANDALO, graced the runway with collections that defied expectations, celebrated diversity, and embraced the winds of change. As the night unfolded, an unforgettable afterparty sealed the evening’s triumph.


Malta Fashion Week 2023 continues to be the ultimate platform for pushing boundaries, embracing diversity, and igniting innovative sparks within the fashion industry. With each passing day, this extraordinary event showcases the transformative power of fashion, shining a spotlight on the boundless creativity and awe-inspiring talent of designers from around the globe.