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Gladiator 2 Filming Stopped As Hollywood Actors Strike

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Sources close to the production have revealed that the filming of the sequel to Gladiator has been halted due to the announcement of industrial action. Following the breakdown of discussions concerning pay and working conditions, Hollywood’s actors’ union declared a strike against movie and television studios.


The Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) stated that its members would initiate the strike at 9 am on Friday (Malta time). In anticipation of the shutdown, preparations have been underway for the past few days, with the individuals involved making arrangements for an extended period of disruption. The financial consequences of the halt in filming are expected to be significant.


According to sources, certain extras from Malta have been instructed not to report for duty on Friday due to the strike. While specific details of the preparations remain undisclosed, it is understood that the focus has been on logistical aspects, such as arranging accommodations for those who will need to remain in Malta throughout the filming hiatus.


The Malta Film Commission have stated that they are in full solidarity with all those affected. “We are following developments and we remain especially supportive to our local crew affected by this strike,” they stated. The Malta Film Commissioner, Johann Grech,will be engaging with all stakeholders throughout this process.