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FoodBlog’s Andrew Finds Car Crushed By Rocks

Andrew Johnson, from the popular foodie page FoodBlog, recently experienced a distressing incident involving his car in Valletta.



While his vehicle was parked, a piece of a balcony unexpectedly fell onto it, resulting in significant damage.


Seeking to raise awareness about the incident, Johnson shared photos on his Instagram account, expressing his devastation over the destruction of his car. However, amidst the shock and disappointment, he expressed gratitude that no one was harmed during this unfortunate event.



In his Instagram post, Johnson emphasized the repercussions of someone else’s negligence in maintaining their balcony, which not only caused destruction to his car but also posed a potential risk to human life. The accompanying photos vividly portray the extent of the damage, with a completely shattered windshield and noticeable roof damage, including rocks that entered the interior of the car.


By sharing his story, Johnson aims to highlight the importance of responsible maintenance practices to prevent similar incidents from occurring and potentially causing harm to innocent individuals.