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First Generation iPhone Sells For $190K

Who knew iPhones could be worth this much?🤑



A 2007 Apple iPhone sold for a jaw-dropping $190,372.80 – 300 times its initial sale price in a US auction!



This particular iPhone, with a 4GB capacity, had been originally purchased for $599 and amazingly, it remained pristine, still wrapped in its factory packaging. LCG Auctions, the auctioneer, hailed it as a “popular high-end collectible” and a true rarity.



The excitement was through the roof, as a total of 28 bids were placed, kicking off with an impressive opening bid of $10,000.



First-gen iPhone sells at auction for $190K — about 380 times its original  price


In a previous auction, LCG Auctions had managed to sell another first-generation iPhone for an astounding $63,356 in February. Likewise, in March, a first-generation iPhone was sold by Wright Auctions for a noteworthy $40,320.



The rarity of this iPhone model was underscored by LCG, who referred to it as the “holy grail” among iPhone collectors, owing to its extreme scarcity. First-generation iPhones in pristine condition, without any display damage or broken buttons, are exceptionally hard to come by.