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Disgusting Reason Why Your iPhone Got Quieter

Disgusting iPhone Quiet

  If you’re experiencing some sound problems on your iPhone, we might’ve figured out what’s wrong.     Although a quieter speaker can make phone calls more challenging, you might not need to get a new phone or speaker. In a recent Facebook post, iDoctor iPhone & Android Repairs revealed how filthy iPhones can become […]

What You Can Expect From Today’s Apple Launch Event

Are you ready to upgrade your iPhone? The largest redesign of the iPhone in 11 years may be unveiled tonight at Apple’s annual September keynote event with the introduction of the iPhone 15 series. Even though Apple’s annual iPhone event has grown redundant over the years, introducing minor upgrades to battery life, camera technology, and […]

First Generation iPhone Sells For $190K

Who knew iPhones could be worth this much?🤑     A 2007 Apple iPhone sold for a jaw-dropping $190,372.80 – 300 times its initial sale price in a US auction!     This particular iPhone, with a 4GB capacity, had been originally purchased for $599 and amazingly, it remained pristine, still wrapped in its factory […]

Messi Gifts Golden iPhones To World Cup-winning Argentina Football Team

Messi has now handed a meaningful gift to Argentina’s World Cup-winning football team’s teammates and personnel.     The footballer reportedly spent more than $200,000 USD for 35 24-carat gold iPhone 14 Pros.     The Argentina captain wanted to offer his teammates a personal gift to commemorate their victory.   Each phone bears the […]